We believe in the following Ethos:

Ethical consumption

Up-cycling, repurposing, re-cycling and re-selling/swapping

Style DNA

together we uncover style that is unique to you and works within your context


We invest in a garment as if it’s a piece of art, or at the very least it’s a part of the artwork. We buy to keep, we aim for it to last.

Mixing it up

Hughstreet or designer, we don’t believe in fast fashion, we buy cloths that stay relevant and stylish

Capsule wardrobe

We help you curate a wardrobe that your cloths work with each other to create different looks.

Every day is a “special occasion”

we believe that dressing is a language where you show the world who you are and your creative expression. We don’t keep cloths for “special occasions” because we buy in order to wear rather than collect


Dressing from inside out

we look tower cloths because of the way they make us feel rather than because its trendy or ores external reasons.

About Us


I intrinsically understand a natural order of things and curating wardrobes has been a passion boarding on obsession! I believe in investment shopping and finding unique pieces that I can wear, love and then either keep or resell. Quality and craftsmanship is very important for me, I pay a lot of attention to small details.

In order to afford the best of what fashion has to offer I have learned all about concession designer sales (the where, what and how) and I also learned about reselling cloths, (you will often hear me talk about things such as cost per wear) and I have been running my own online shop for a number years. I know the best shopping spots in London, NY, LA and HK.

I used to be a headhunter and now I apply the same hunting skills to finding great deals on cloths. I have a certain flair and love for drama, I love dressing in different characters (matrix, gothic romance & Japanese nun among others) and I mix contemporary and recent vintage.


Jewellery and accessories designer with a masters degree from London College of Fashion.

Being in fashion for the last 12 years showed me that there is an urgent need for a change. Fashion industry is the biggest polluter after oil and gas industry. The way we produce clothing and accessories have to be addressed but educating consumer is also extremely important.

In the last few years I have downsized my personal possessions including my once vast wardrobe by about 90%. Only keeping items that I absolutely love and want to keep for long time. This also made me re-evaluate my shopping habits.

Serving as an example of a happier more contempt person, I was often approached by friends to show them how to start shopping in an eco friendly way, how to organise their wardrobes and possessions and teach them how to live an uncluttered lives. This indicated the change in people's consciousness and a growing need, thus the idea of styling and decluttering consultancy was born.


I'm a Textiles and Fashion Designer. Fashion industry has been identified as one of the top pollutants of this planet. The people in the industry are becoming more and more aware of this fact. They are hard at work, trying to find ways to reduce the industry's bad impact on our planet. I am proud to be part of this movement.

I believe in Fashion Ecosystem. I want to be part of a fashion community that has an emotional connection between brands, products, makers, buyers, sellers and consumers. A community that strongly believes in sustainable and circulatory fashion products.

My mission is to encourage Fashion Consumers' changing behaviour. I encourage people to shift attention towards responsible consumption of fashion. We must make second hand clothing cool.

My goal is to provide a personal styling service within a community of people with the same views and values around The Fashion Ecosystem. Fashion is more than One Saison, Trends come and go.

I aim to encourage Fashion lovers to find their own Style, to find Joy in "treasure hunt" for unique pieces of clothing that they will cherish, enjoy wearing and can pass on once they are done with them. We need to understand that the life cycle of a piece of a Garment/Kitendi doesn't end at the point of sale.


  • Julia Twigg @ Kent University
  • Pia Cantos
  • Andrew Hanson @ NPL colour


  • Electric woman
  • impact hub - sustainability
  • Pandora/Vestiare/Liberty
  • Universities - grooming for success
  • Personal coaches
  • Low cost pop ups
  • Lunch & learn
  • Kate - approach her with this
  • Voice pops - create question area for stylish people. Interview on the street
  • Women in management
  • Captive audiences
  • Potential articles
  • Career transition coaches
  • Career coaches and alumni networks
  • Career services in business schools
  • Speak to Gary
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  • Interview women in power with large network


Initial consultation

We offer a complementary consultation to discuss your requirements with you.

Agreeing your goal

Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, we draw up the plan of action for decluttering your wardrobe.


On the day of your declutter we will come to your house at the time arranged, fully armed with tricks to make your wardrobe inspiring and functional. This is a process we undertake alongside you where we work at your pace, helping you to make those all-important decisions in terms of what to keep, sell or donate.


Once the wardrobe is organised, you will be seeing it in a new light. We will help you make the most of what you are keeping and get clarity on what new additions you require. During this time you may decide to have us do personal shopping and styling with you. We offer a mix of vintage, current designers and we cover selected high street, independent brands as well as niche designers.


We will carry out a body shape analysis and advise you on which colours, fabrics, cuts and styles work best for you and work for your lifestyle and aspirations. Together we will come up with workable ‘outfits’ and create style file with pictures for your future reference.

Personal Shopping:

Shopping is what we do on the daily basis - its a passion bordering on obsession for us. At the same time, we believe in owning less but investing in quality pieces we get to use and keep. Thus we are able to take you on a journey to hidden gems and source items that express who you are, with minimal personal carbon footprint.